Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: Cuban Crafters 40 Count Humidor

Cuban Crafters 40 count Mio Cherry Wood Humidor
Outer Shell: Cherry Wood
Inner Liner: Spanish Cedar
Capacity: 40

I picked up this humidor as a my first after picking up more than a few sticks and needing a place to keep them. I wanted something cheap (so I could buy more cigars) but also wanted something that looked good. The quality of the humidor is very good for the price (around $40). The seal is good, the top is heavy, and the overall build feels strong.

The humidor comes with a puck style humidifier, but for simplicity I went with a Drymistat Tube. An analog hygrometer is also included, and after a salt calibration, it has help up nicely.

Overall it seems like a great buy for the price, but is quickly filling. I guess the advice to pick which size humidor you need...then double it holds true.